About Us

About Us

About Us

Shimka commercial and trade Group, with nearly 15 years’ experience in a field of export, import, supply of raw materials and different industrial machinery (especially compost and fiberglass) become one of the leading company in Iran and near neighborhood.


Shimka commercial and trade Group, initiate its activity with sale raw materials of fiberglass industry and according to its capability it was able to obtain the sales representative of several domestic companies in this field. Gradually with increasing sale, new planning and targeting of managers by participating in foreign expo and identifying the capabilities of shimka group to enormous company such as Jushi(china), Henan and Polynet , shimka can achieved the opportunity of becoming sale agent and stored products in its own warehouse

The export department started its activity in 2015, with the aim of sales to near neighborhood reign and shimka has this ability to become one of the successful companies in this field.

Currently, shimka group is sale agent of domestic and foreign companies.

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